Ecuador’s Efforts to Protect Its Rich Biodiversity

By Melanie Gade, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships at WWF  Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Located 1,000km from continental Ecuador, the Galapagos is a shining microcosm of this rich biodiversity. It is largely shaped by three powerful marine currents that make it unlike any other ecosystem in the world.   © Melanie […]

Seasonal Blooms Capture Sunlight in Jessica Saunders’ Delicate Stained Glass Sculptures

Photos by Alice Walker. All images © Jessica Saunders, shared with permission “Flowers are connecting, grounding, uplifting, healing, and worth treasuring,” says Essex-based artist Jessica Saunders, whose delicate stained glass sculptures highlight an array of familiar and beloved blooms. From daffodils and poppies to cornflowers and hydrangeas, her pieces celebrate the cyclical nature of the […]

Braiding Science, Kinship With Nature, and Communal Well-Being

Plants fascinate biologists because they regulate ecosystem processes, form complex relationships with other organisms, and have intriguing patterns of development and diversity. They provide fiber, food, fuel, medicines, oxygen and shelter for the entire biosphere, making life on Earth possible. Drawing on her life as an Indigenous scientist, author Robin Wall Kimmerer in her now […]

Discover Nat Hab’s Wild New Adventures for Women

Did you know the average U.S. traveler is a 47-year-old woman? Women have an outsize influence in the travel industry: They represent 57.1% of all travelers in the United States, make nearly 85% of all travel decisions and make up the lion’s share of the global tourism workforce at 54%. According to the United Nations […]

Butterfly Effect: Eco-Educator & Nat Hab Monarch Scholarship Winner Princess Harris Brings Positive Change to Underserved Communities

Chat awhile with Princess Harris, one of two environmental educators to win Nat Hab’s 2024 Monarch Butterfly Scholarship Grant, and it quickly becomes clear that, much like her beloved monarchs, she was destined to lead a life of transformation and change. A Chicago native, Harris spent much of her childhood exploring the Marian R. Byrnes […]

Happy Mother’s Day! Spotlight on Marsupial Mothers

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the marsupial mothers of the animal kingdom! Motherhood for marsupials doesn’t look like making school lunches or warm cuddles, but these species have unique behaviors to take care of their young. There are more than 330 species of marsupials. Around two-thirds of them live in Australia. Most Australian marsupials live in […]

Four Ways to Celebrate Wild Koala Day

Koalas, often called koala bears, are not bears, but marsupials. These iconic Australian mammals, found in the southeastern and eastern parts of the country, are a must-see for all visitors. But despite their popularity and cuteness factor, these arboreal (tree-dwelling) creatures are currently at risk. Urban development, agriculture and mining, in addition to climate-driven weather […]